Community News and Updates

Thu, 08/27/2020 - 2:59pm

Below is a list of Community News and Updates, starting with the most recent:

File 06-16-21 Lisbon Elementary School Report Card Viewing Instructions.docx

File 06-15-21 Message from Mrs. Anoff.docx

File 5-25-21 PTA Updates.docx

File 5-24-21 Lisbon Drive-By for Mary McCoy.docx

File 5-17-21 An Important Message from Mrs. Anoff.docx

File 5-4-21 Look Who's Talking.docx

File 5-3-21 Digital Education Center.docx

File 5-3-21 Memory Book Sale EXTENDED.docx

File 04-30-21 Q4 Updates.docx

File 4-13-21 Digital School Interest Form.docx

File 3-30-21 LES Picture Day.docx

File 3-30-21 Digital Education Center Virtual Information Center.docx

File 3-26-21 School Spirit Days.docx

File 2-23-21 LES Important Information.docx

File 2-22-21 Lisbon Elementary Hybrid Schedule.docx

File 2-17-21 Digital Tools for Student Use.docx

File 2-16-21 BSAP and TCOE Virtual Workshops.docx

File 2-9-21 Virtual Front Office Conference Support.docx

File 2-8-21 School-Wide Spirit Week.docx

File 2-5-21 Job Opportunities.docx

File 2-2-21 LES 3 More Days to Complete Survey.docx

File 1-29-21 Important Action! In-Person Commitment Form.docx

File 1-25-21 Family File Update.docx

File 1-4-21 Lisbon Parent Night.docx

File 12-7-20 Student's Preferred Names to be Displayed.docx

File 11-24-20 Thanksgiving Break Meal Services.docx

File 11-23-2020 Related Arts Conferences.docx

File 11-18-20 Parent Teacher Conference Reminders.docx

File 11-18-20 Distribution of Materials.docx

File 11-18-20 Lisbon Community Night Cancelled.docx

File 11-13-20 Distribution of Materials to Support Virtual Learning.docx

File 11-13-20 Parent Teacher Conference Updated Scheduling Directions.docx

File 11-11-20_Veterans Day.docx

File 11-9-20_Community Night.docx

File 11-2-20 Google Play Parent Opt In Letter.docx

File 10-27-20 Spiritwear Orders Due by November 1st.docx

File 10-22-20 Dr Martin Luther King Jr Poster Contest.docx

File 10-21-20 Intent to Participate in Hybrid Instruction Survey.docx

File 10-19-20 Hybrid In-Person Instruction Survey Form.docx

File 10-16-20 Lisbon School Based Learning Center.docx

File 10-15-20 Elementary School 3 Hr Early Dismissal.docx

File 10-14-20 Lisbon Elementary Spiritwear.docx

File 10-13-20 Technology Issues.docx

File 10-5-20 MAP Testing Grades 2-5.docx

File 9-30-20 Information about Halloween at Lisbon.docx

File 9-29-20 Lisbon ES Staffing Update.docx


File 6-7-20 Lisbon Drop Off.docx