Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) Update

Sun, 09/02/2018 - 8:55pm

Dear LES Families,

As we approach the first day of school for students and staff, we continue working hard to get our building ready for everyone.  We are excited to see you all!

I want to share an update with you about our school building.   As I shared with you earlier this summer, mold growth was identified at Lisbon Elementary School on July 19, 2018.  The mold was observed on several metal air supply diffusers.  A board-approved restoration contractor cleaned the impacted supply diffusers back in July.  The supply diffusers were surveyed after the contractor performed the cleaning.  Minor mold growth was observed and cleaned as needed.  Our custodial staff will be responsible for regular cleaning of the diffusers to prevent future mold growth.  

Our building and our rooms are safe for our students and staff.   We are looking forward to seeing our students on Tuesday for an amazing start to our 2018-2019 school year.


Debra A. Anoff, Principal

Lisbon Elementary School