Changes to Your Child's Dismissal Instructions

Mon, 09/18/2017 - 9:34pm

Dismissal Reminders - Notes from Home

Please remember to send in a written reminder to your child’s homeroom teacher whenever there is a change in dismissal instructions at the end of the day. Many after school activities have begun, children are staying after school, or going home early, and LES needs prior written notification of change in dismissal. With enrollment topping 450, we ask that parents write notes so phone calls to the front office won’t be necessary. The afternoon is a very busy time of the day and we thank you for your cooperation in sending prior written notices to your child’s teacher rather than calling the front office. If you forget to send in a note, and need to call, please do so by 2:30 pm.


Riding a Different Bus

A change in a student’s bus can only be made with an administrator’s approval. We cannot approve bus changes for play dates and/or parties. In a true emergency, please put your request in writing and an administrator will contact you. We want our students to be safe. In the event of a bus accident, we need to know who is on each bus. Our bus capacity is also based on the number of children at each stop. So, adding a student to a bus for even a day can create safety issues.