Duck, Cover, Hold Drill

Thu, 09/20/2018 - 2:56pm

Lisbon students and staff were awesome once again. Today, we conducted a Duck, Cover, Hold drill with the students and staff. Throughout the year, we conduct regular drills such as this one so that if an actual emergency were to occur, we are better prepared to face the emergency calmly and safely. A Duck, Cover, Hold is used in the event of a natural emergency such as an earthquake, tornado, severe winds or hurricane. When given the direction, students and staff duck under their desk, a safe distance away from any windows, and hold until the emergency has subsided, then when directed to, evacuate the building. Today’s drill lasted approximately 3 min., during which time attendance was taken to account for all students and staff. Please take some time as a family to talk about how you might conduct drills like this in your home so that you are also prepared for emergency situations.